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At La’aulani Woodworks LLC, we love to make your dreams a reality, be it new cabinets for your kitchen, bath or other rooms, that unique piece of furniture that’s not available in any of the stores, or a custom made front door! We will gladly use any wood species that you might prefer, and especially enjoy working with the many beautiful local hardwoods from our islands. 
We are a small family business, and a husband/wife team. Gideon, the craftsman, does the majority of the woodwork and design, while Jenna handles the books and business administration.  
With a beginning in traditional cabinetry and furniture making in Amish country, Lancaster Pennsylvania, and more recently almost ten years of experience here in Kona Hawaii, Gideon is experienced in a wide range of styles, from the traditional cabinetry styles popular on the east coast, to the modern styles currently trendy here, and does it all with the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that Lancaster PA is known for.  
To experience Amish craftsmanship, made with aloha, for yourself, just give us a call, and let La’aulani Woodworks LLC build something special for you.

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